You have over 35,000 register real estate sales representatives to choose from in the GTA - where do you begin? Who has the right experience and knowledge to be the best fit for you and your home?

A great source is asking friends for referrals from positive Real Estate professionals they have worked with. I recommend you interview at least 3 other Realtors so you have better understanding of the types of service out there.

During the interview, you should be asking: 

  • How many years have they been licenced?
  • How many deals did they close last year?
  • What are their statistics in terms of prices negotiated for seller vs buyers?
  • What marketing will they be doing; where will the home be advertised?
  • Will staging be available?
  • Are they a Full-Time agent?

If the Realtor you are interviewing doesn't know the answers to these basic questions about how they run their own business, it could be a sign of a bumpy road ahead. Unfortunately, getting your Real Estate Licence doesn't automatically make you a seasoned expert - you need the best!

I believe in providing accurate and current knowledge to my clients to empower them to make the best decisions for themselves, while guiding them through the buying and selling process in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. I'd be pleased to share my Real Estate experience with you and chat about if we are the right fit to work together!