Neighbourhood Treasure: Stelvio

27 July 2015

Looking for a swanky night out in Queen West? Get a taste of Northern Italy at Stelvio!

Focusing on cuisine from the Lombardia region of Italy, Stelvio serves up a unique dining experience right by the corner of Queen and Spadina. This isn’t another Toronto Neapolitan joint, but it definitely lives up to the city’s great reputation for fantastic Italian food.

Walking into Stelvio, you’ll instantly be impressed by the beautiful rustic/modern interior. Gorgeous dark hardwood floors are set in deep contrast with the minimalist white brick walls and vintage lighting fixtures. Stelvio’s owners have also chosen to incorporate Queen West’s vibe into their décor with intricate tattoo-inspired animal print art.

So what’s on the menu? If you’re looking for pizza, you won’t find it here – but you’ll find a wide range of delicious and intriguing options! The Pizzoccheri Di Teglio is a serving of handcut organic pasta topped with potatoes, shredded cabbage, fresh sage, and mouthwatering Valtellina Casera cheese. For cheese lovers, Stelvio will definitely be a hit!

Stelvio also features a handful of different polenta-based dishes (including gluten-free options). In fact, there’s an entire section of their menu dedicated to polenta! The Polenta Burger is particularly great; it comes decked out with Italian sausage, tomatoes, lettuce, Valtellina Casera, and polenta sticks. Yum!

Want a different taste of Italy? Head over to Stelvio in Queen West!