5 Easy Decor Ideas For Sprucing Up Your New Home

20 July 2015

So you’ve just bought your brand new home and you’re finally unpacked – what next? A new home is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and inject some personality into your living space. Decorating can definitely seem overwhelming at times – with so many options out there, it’s tough to know exactly which route you want to take.

To help make the process easier on you (and your wallet), here are some quick home décor tips that will have your new house feeling like a home in no time:

A Fresh Coat of Paint Works Wonders

First and foremost, you should give your new house a well-deserved coat of paint. New paint can freshen things up and breathe new life into your home. Opt for something clean and neutral; a subtle off-white can give your home a clean and modern look.

You should also consider repainting any molding, doorframes, or cabinets that may be showing signs of wear. These small details can make all the difference – sometimes it’s the little things about a home that we notice the most.

Use Mirrors to Create Space

Whether you just moved into a two bedroom condo or a detached Victorian, every home could use the illusion of added space. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like they’ve got a little extra square footage?

A well-placed mirror can make your home feel roomier and more spacious. Use a small mirror to expand your reading nook, a large living room mirror to frame the back of your couch, or a floor-length mirror leaned up against the wall by your front entrance to give you a last minute chance to check yourself out on the way to work.

You can also try placing a mirror in a position where it will reflect natural light to brighten up your space. Let the sunshine in! Try hanging a mirror in every room of your house. Believe me, you’ll notice the difference!

Be Smart with Your Furniture

Don’t break your budget by buying all new furniture – vintage and antique pieces are always in style! Try checking out thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores, and wherever else you might be able to uncover an old gem. Distinguished pieces of furniture can give your space some character (and a great conversation starter too). You never know what you might find out there!

That being said, there are some pieces that you should definitely consider purchasing new. Sofas, mattresses, and dining room tables will all get a lot of use, so be smart and buy them brand new – it’s better to make a larger purchase off the bat than to have to replace a cheaper options over and over again.

Don’t be afraid to make some of your new furniture purchases at HomeSense or IKEA either! These stores can be great for finding affordable, dependable, and stylish pieces to fill out your home without emptying out your wallet for accessories and décor you may want to change seasonally.

Use Rugs to Create Living Areas

Does your living room just not feel cozy enough yet? An area rug can be a great way to pull everything together and create a seating area in your home. Choose one that blends in with the colour palette of your walls and furniture and be sure to place either all four legs, or at least the front two, of every piece of furniture in your living room on your area rug.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Let’s face it; we all accumulate things that we don’t necessarily need over time. Use your move as an opportunity to get rid of the clutter that’s built up in your home over time. Nothing will make your home feel fresher than – well – having a lot less stuff!

There are lots of options for getting rid of pieces you are done with, but may have a life for another home – Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, Red Door Shelter (Toronto), even the Humane Society can take old towels and dishes for their “guests”. Check to see if your neighborhood has a Buy and Sell website; it’s an easy way to sell pieces at a reasonable price to someone who can reuse, rather than throwing them into landfill.

Have any more questions about what to do with your new space? Contact me and I’ll give you some pointers!