Neighbourhood Treasure: P&L Burger

22 June 2015

P&L Burger
 is yet another reason why Queen West is the burger capital of Toronto!

Over the past few years, Queen West has built up quite a reputation – and not just for being one of the coolest neighbourhoods on Earth as Vogue Magazine would have you believe. Home to a slew of fantastic gourmet burger spots like Burger’s PriestGangster Burger, and more, Queen West easily takes the crown for reigning burger-and-fries champ of the city.

As the old saying goes, with great burgers comes great responsibility and P&L Burger has happily assumed responsibility for their great burgers over the past two years. From its humble beginnings as a spinoff of bumping Parkdale resto/late night hotspot Parts & Labour, P&L Burger has since established itself as a local fixture in its own right.

Queen West’s unique vibe spills over into P&L’s interior, with massive white walls on either side covered lovingly in customer graffiti. The rest of the space is cleanly designed; monochrome with red accents and an entire wall devoted to its straightforward menu.

So, what’s on the menu? Well, burgers, burgers, and more burgers! Every option reads like a classic with choices like The Italian (mozzarella, roasted red peppers, marinara) and The Castor (peameal, crispy onions, BBQ sauce) available. For those looking for a little variety, fried chicken and battered haddock burgers are offered and any option can have a patty subbed out for tempeh.

Want to grab a quick lunch that will leave you feeling full? Check out P&L Burger in Queen West!