Canadian Market to Remain Hot All Year

28 August 2014

Recent reports have indicated that the Canadian housing market is going to remain strong for the rest of the year. TD economics predict real estate to stay strong due to low interest rates and increased demand, causing the price of homes to rise. This is actually a better outlook than initially expected by the bank, who had to upgrade their forecast to an average of a five or six per cent gain predicted for 2014.

Neighbourhood Treasure: FEAST

25 August 2014

Queen West has a new specialty store that aims to make life a little easier for those with food allergies.

Toronto Real Estate Had an Amazing June

21 August 2014

Real estate sales and prices were much higher this June than they were the same time last year, which meant a great month for the Toronto housing market. After a notably slow winter, Toronto is experiencing an enthusiastic summer in real estate. Home sales have risen 15.4 per cent when compared with the previous June and prices have increased 7.4 per cent. Download the July 2014 Market Watch from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) here for more up to date statistics.

Let’s Talk Condos

19 August 2014

Discussions of the condo market crashing makes headlines frequently. I’ll put my worries aside. Why is that? Well, condo sales are soaring according to this Globe and Mail article.

Neighbourhood Treasure: Eastside Social

18 August 2014

Visit the Maritimes without leaving Leslieville at Eastside Social! Setting up shop on Queen East, this cool new spot brings a taste of the coast to Toronto. Eastside Social celebrates our beloved Atlantic provinces while drawing on seaside cuisines from across the world.

Canadians Optimistic About Future of Real Estate Market

15 August 2014

According to recent polls, Canadian attitudes towards the housing market have come a long way since 2008. More Canadians are now feeling optimistic about the future of the housing market. Almost half of Canadians predicted that housing prices are going to remain high in the near future, challenging predictions that the market may experience a slowdown following an especially strong summer.

Why It Might Be an Ideal Time to Invest in a Condo

14 August 2014

he Toronto condominium market has been hot for a while, but the condo rental market is especially strong. Rental transactions have risen 25.7 per cent when compared to the same time last year. There was even more gains in rented units than there were in new listings, suggesting the emergence of a market that is highly competitive for renters. Rental costs have seen a slight drop over the last quarter which, when combined with the demand for rentals, creates a desirable market for both property owners and renters.

Rising Prices Mean a Strong Market

12 August 2014

June 2014 has been an excellent month for a resurgence in Toronto’s real estate market. The volume of home sales this month has jumped over 15.4% compared to the same time last year. The cost of an average home is up 7.4% from last year, including all types of housing across Toronto.

Neighbourhood Treasure: Mr. Ciao

11 August 2014

Folks in Riverdale can now get their hands on deep-fried pizza courtesy of Mr. Ciao – a new Gerrard Street pizzeria.

Why You Should Care about the Land Transfer Tax

05 August 2014

So you’ve been hearing all about the land transfer tax, but you’re confused? Let’s go over the basics.